Digital Info is a cloud based software platform which is specifically designed to enable individuals and businesses to create a simple and yet comprehensive array of information contained in a personal digital business card format that can be displayed instantly on all mobile devices and tablets.

Page/section content is designed to be simple and concise as each panel opens up via an accordion style page that reveals the relevant data. This can include images and videos as there are specific page/tab functions for those mediums.

Essential data for each individual Digital Info Card can be downloaded in a vCard file format and stored in the user's smartphone contacts. Each vCard contains a link back to the individual Digital Info Card for instant reloading into the user's smartphone browser.

Digital Info can be transferred to any other NFC enabled smartphone via NFC "tap & send/share" or via QR-code which is featured on every Digital Mobile Card. Alternatively, the Digital Info Card can be transferred via SMS, email or via NFC encoded business cards, wallet cards or keyrings.

Digital Info account users have access to a personal control panel where all data for insertion into their Digital Info Card can be simply uploaded and furthermore, the design and appearance of their Digital Info Card can be easily customized using the intuitive point and click controls.


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What others are saying....

"This is like having my own mini "My-Space" all wrapped up within a simple NFC card on my phone. Awesome job you guys!"

Michael D. Colby - Musician
"As an author, this is so great because it allows me to feature my latest books as well as other titles at the same time as giving out my business card (which have never really worked that well for me). In a word, all I can say is "Brilliant"!

Andrea Malvern-Evans - Author

"This adds a new dimension to my presence in the business environment.

I love the simplicity and versatility it gives me to create an interactive profile that says so much more than a simple business card or other forms of social media."

Scott Savage - Consultant