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Create YOURS now!

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Really Cool Features

With Digital Info Cards

No matter what you wish to present, we've made it simple for you to do so. Whether its a simple business card, an *Event, *Product, *Artist, *Business or *Service,- you can do it all very easily with Digital Info - Cards in the Cloud!

    Clean Design

   Every Digital Info Card has a clear and stylish presentation. The format exists of 4 simple sections:

1/ Title/Header
2/ Profile Image
3/ Content Tabs
4/ Social Media.

   Very Customisable

   You can control the content of your cards to suit yourself.
The Header/Title and profile image sections can be displayed or hidden, and you can choose whatever other aspects of content you wish to display

   Dropdown Tabs

   Each tab contains content that is smoothly revealed via an accordian style drop down panel so that the viewer is presented with the contents without any page reloads or clunky mechanism

   Image Gallery

   Upload multiple images of your choice which will display in a carousel which will pop out into a scrollable lightbox

   Video Gallery

   Feature multiple YouTube & Vimeo videos which display in a carousel and pop out into a lightbox.
Great for featuring your latest projects, introductory videos or promotional videos

   Audio Gallery

   Upload up to 10 x mp3 files or list externally hosted mp3s which display in a carousel and play when clicked. Great for artists or musicians or featuring podcasts.

   Utility Pages

   These pages allow you to use the custom editor to create rich, editable text, pdf files, images etc and then rename the tab to whatever you want, such as *Resume/CV, *Portfolio, *Events, *Seminars, *Latest News, *About, *Promotions, etc.

   Featured Website

   Simply paste in the URL of any website that you wish to feature and our software will take a snapshot thumbnail image of the website and feature it inside the tab and make it active so as to call it to the browser when clicked.


   Simply paste any Amazon Wishlist ID# and our software will pull the data, images & links into a neatly presented carousel so that your card visitors can treat you to a gift should they want to show appreciation in some way

Digtal Cards

Create Multiple Cards

Create your own custom cards for business, personal & more with a few clicks of a button!

Micro Sites

Your own Micro WebSites

Create 'Micro Sites'(mini websites) for business, pleasure, promotions and much much more!


Share your info

Instantly send your info to anyone

Don't have a business card with you? Instantly share your information, product or more with anyone you meet!



Instantly Share Your Info or Promotion

Digital Info Cards

Don't happen to have any business cards with you? No Problem! Instantly share your contact information, mini website with any mobile number in the world!


AND / OR...

Now your business cards can take on a new dynamic perspective and come to life when using NFC technology (NFC chip embedded into or adhered onto your business cards) and "Digital Info Cards" to present yourself, your business, your idea, product, talent or service.

Its simply a better way to connect because of the convenience and powerful features that allow you to instantly convey much more interactive detail with anyone!



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